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Motion Sickness Ear Plug

Anti Motion Sickness Ear Plug

Product Code: Motion Sickness Ear Plug

This simple instrument positioned safely in the outer ear is designed to relieve motion sickness by gently desensitizing the
human motion sensitivity when it is being worn.

Motion sickness is thought to be caused by conflicting messages from the eyes and the balance organs in the ears. The
eyes say there is no movement and the ears say otherwise. This conflict is thought to be interpreted by the brain as
being due to neurotoxins and triggers the nausea and/or vomiting response to remove them.

The system can be desensitized with medication or by repeated exposure (more extreme in the centrifuges used for
pilots and astronauts). Alternatively, the desensitization can be achieved  naturally and without effort by the
placement of the anti Motion Sickness ear plug.

This patented device has been designed to offer the greatest desensitization by carefully balancing ambient air pressure
and sensitivity of hearing. It requires no medication and is completely safe to use- especially useful for adults
and children,
experiencing difficulties with different forms of motion sickness during any form of travel
by sea, air, rail or road. The instrument
is suitable as well in use for relief from morning sickness
with pregnancy and tinnitus.

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